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Welcome to the best place for meeting Korean friends and experience Korean cultures.
Welcome to LanCul (Language and Culture Exchange).

LanCul (Language and Culture Exchange)

We started this project, named LanCul (Lanuage and Culture) for foreign travellers to meet Korean friends and learn Korean language and culture as well as Korean English learners to meet foreign friends and talk in English with them.
Our community provides warm and lively space to Korean students and volunteers to interact each other. They meet and talk in English about a variety of topics, cultures and ideas. Foreign community memers can also share their experience and information with other volunteers from all of the world.

We are looking for volunteers with following characteristics and skills
- Comfortable speaking English and willing to help Korean students improve their English
- Interested in learning Korean language and experiencing Korean culture
- Love meeting new friends and interacting with them.
- Enjoy learning new cultures and sharing their own culture and experiences

The atmosphere of conversation meeting is laid-back and informal as volunteers are not expected to prepare any lesson plans, teaching materials or formal lesson. They help Korean students practice their English with rather moderate conversation by asking questions and listening to them.You can also help them improve their English through correcting their errors or pronunciation, suggesting more natural expressions, teaching vocabulary or grammar, and so on. Community members participate in English converation meeting for 3 hours a day, in the afternoon 3:00 ~ 6:00 or in the evening 6:00~9:00, 5 days a week.

We will offer you:
- A bunk bed (including beddings) in the shared room is provided for each volunteers at our dormitory-style share house.
- A Free wifi internet, purified drinking water, laundry machines (detergent provided), cooking utensils, bowls and dishes, refrigerator, and hair dryer.
** You need to bring your own towels

There is no specific type of visa for volunteering in Korea. Community members are technically travelers, and they join our community while they are traveling. Therefore, community members do not need any special type visa. If community members mention they would do voluntary work or volunteering at immigration center, immigration officer will be confused because there is no voluntary visa in Korea. No matter whatkind of visas you have, student visa, working holiday visa, or just tourist visa, you join us as our community members and participate in our program. I suggest you not mention 'voluntary work' or 'volunteering' at immigration in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Life at LanCul in Busan can be quite cheap if desired. Accommodation is free and you can cook in the kitchen. One-way rides on the subway or bus range from ₩1,300-1,500, budget meals or snacks from ₩2,000-7,000 and beer at the local bars for ₩4,000-6,000. There are several supermarkets nearby where you can buy all different types of food and drinks for
reasonable prices. You can expect to pay anywhere from ₩7,000-30,000 per day depending on your lifestyle and activities you take part in.

There are many things to keep you busy in your free time. Sometimes LanCul will organize events such as visiting tourist sights, hiking, or playing sports together. After the evening shift, the volunteers and students can go out together for food and drinks. There are a long list of activities available for volunteers such as: shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, animal cafes, karaoke, basketball, badminton, swimming, bowling, billiards, movie theatres, ping pong, fitness centers and outdoor fitness parks, arcades, internet cafes, night clubs, public parks and also darts, foosball and beer pong at our local pub. Volunteers are encouraged to spend time together but also have free time to do whatever they choose.

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